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About Us

How We Started

Founder Brett and his wife Jenn used to dread the process of finding what
to watch next after they finished a show. Determined to end the painful
cycle of endless searching and settling, the idea for Pixi+ was born.

The Opportunity

They quickly found out that they weren’t alone. Their friends, neighbors and
family were all suffering from the same problem, and eager for a solution.
Recent surveys revealed that the pain is also real for 100+ million
Americans, and billions of streamers worldwide!

The Journey Begins

Over the next few months, Brett designed Pixi+, the only app you’ll ever
need to find what to watch next. Production started in Spring 2023, after
Pixi+ won the international app idea competition.

One Become Two

Pixi+ needed a co-founder with specialized expertise to grow and scale the
app, so the search began on Y Combinator’s Co-Founder Matching
Platform. When Brett met Marvin, everything clicked. After working together
for a few months, Marvin became Co-Founder and CTO in June 2023.

Brett Bergen, CEO

Brett is a proud Penn State alum, with over a decade of experience working
the financial and acquisition side of advanced hardware and software
solutions for the U.S. Navy. In 2018, he earned a M.S. in Applied Analytics from
Columbia University to expand into data science and business applications, and
learned to become a skilled UI/UX designer.

In his early 20s, Brett tried to launch a new social media site, but was
crushed before launch by a Big Tech competitor. From 2015-2021, Brett
successfully built and ran The Wiseman Institute, teaching over 5,000
students across 127 countries how to ace their classes.

Marvin Miao Wang, CTO

Marvin is an experienced full-stack developer, and has a M.S. in Computer
Science from Johns Hopkins. He specializes in cloud and backend
development, data engineering, data security, AIML and data analytics.

Marvin has been a founding engineer at multiple startups, including Head of
Data Engineering at Octane, and most recently as a Machine Learning Data
Engineer at Meta. When he isn’t working on the next big thing, you can find
Marvin playing jazz and classical music at venues across New York City.

Front-End Partner

Draftbit is a Y Combinator-backed company that offers the most powerful
and flexible way to visually create, customize, and launch native mobile apps.
Since Pixi+ was selected to win its 2023 international app idea competition,
Draftbit Frontend Experts have helped to quickly bring Pixi+ to life.

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Pixi+ is free. There's no commitment to sign up.