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Movie and Show Recommendation App Pixi+ Launches Waitlist for Early Access

by | Jul 12, 2023

Pixi Plus Inc.

Pixi+ is a powerful tool that makes it easy for individuals and groups to find what to watch next.

Washington, D.C., U.S.A. – Pixi+ (“Pixi Plus”), owned by Pixi Plus Inc., has announced the launch of its official website and waitlist for those who want early access at:

Pixi+ promises to be the only app users will ever need to find the next great movie or show to stream next. By giving users personalized recommendations across all of their streaming services in a single app, Pixi+ makes it easy and painless to find what to watch. Pixi+ also helps you quickly find something everyone will love when watching with friends, family, or on date night.

Recent research by Neilsen, Accenture, Deloitte, and Blue Wave Consulting reveal the extent of the problem: nearly 60% of streamers are frustrated when searching for what movies or shows to watch, with almost half of Americans reporting they feel simply overwhelmed by choices. The majority of streamers in the U.S., and worldwide, report that they want more personalized content, and be able to find what they’re looking for in just one place.

“Most of us – myself, friends and family included, typically start our research journey on Google or by searching each of the many apps we have for something to watch. We often end up reading blog articles and looking up trailers on Youtube, before ultimately getting frustrated and taking a risk on a movie or show that often turns out to be a bust,” explains Founder and CEO Brett Bergen.

“The last thing we want to do after working, parenting, or studying all day or week is to put in even more work figuring out how to relax,” says Bergen. “With Pixi+, we can finally say goodbye to painful search experiences, and easily find what to watch next, no matter where it’s streaming or who we’re watching with.”

With over 85% of American households streaming, each averaging four paid streaming services and nearly 25 hours of TV watching per week, Pixi+ seeks to end the pain that nearly 200 million American streamers experience every week.

“Imagine an app that can make spot-on movie and show recommendations across all of your streaming services, using only a small amount of information about you,” says Bergen. “If you’re watching with others, Pixi+ has easy to use, yet powerful tools to recommend titles that are a great fit for everyone watching. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of how we wow our users.”

The need for what Pixi+ provides doesn’t end in the United States. While Americans may have among the biggest appetite for streaming content in the world, research shows that there are billions of streamers around the globe. Perhaps not surprisingly, people everywhere experience the same pain points and desired solutions as in the United States. “This clearly presents an enormous opportunity for Pixi+ beyond the U.S.,” says Bergen. “And we will act quickly to make Pixi+ available to everyone who needs it. We believe that the pent-up demand for an app like ours is enormous.”

Pixi Plus Inc. completed its MVP (Minimum Viable Product, or first app version) in late June 2023, achieving far more feature milestones than initially planned, ahead of schedule and under budget. These developments come on the heels of Pixi+ winning the 2022-2023 international app idea competition by Draftbit, and welcoming Co-Founder and CTO Marvin Miao Wang to the team, both of which have been key in taking Pixi+ from idea to app in record time.

“We’re now entering the next, exciting phase of generating early buzz and waitlist signups, and exploring our options to finance the first 18 months of operations post-launch,” says Bergen.


About Pixi+

Pixi+ is the only app you’ll ever need to find what to watch next. By giving you personalized recommendations across all your streaming services in a single app, Pixi+ makes it easy and painless to find the next great movie or show. Best of all, Pixi+ can suggest something everyone will love when you’re watching with friends, family, or on date night. To learn more, visit

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