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Pixi+ Wins 2022-2023 Draftbit International App Idea Competition

by | Mar 15, 2023

Pixi Plus Inc.

Movie and show recommendation app Pixi+ selected among competitive applications worldwide

Washington, D.C., U.S.A. – Pixi+ (“Pixi Plus”), owned by Pixi Plus Inc., which promises to be the only app users will ever need to find the next great movie or show to stream next, was selected as the grand prize winner of the 2022-2023 international app idea competition by Draftbit in March 2023.

Draftbit (, a leader in streamlined native app development, launched its competition in part to demonstrate the capability of its newly launched Experts plans. According to Draftbit, its Experts plan allows any customer to “hire our handpicked internal team of designers, engineers, and builders to accelerate your Draftbit project.”

The winner of Draftbit’s competition receives up to three (3) months of pro bono work by its Experts to build the first version, or MVP, of the selected app. Draftbit is estimated to begin development on Pixi+ in late March 2023 and complete the MVP in late June 2023.

“Most of us have several streaming apps, and finding the right thing to watch at the right time is often incredibly time consuming and frustrating,” says Pixi+ Founder and CEO Brett Bergen. “Too often we’re forced to Google, read blogs, search for trailers on Youtube, and ask others for tips, before we eventually give up and settle on something that’s ‘just ok’.”

Bergen explains that “the problem is even worse when trying to find something to watch with other people, like with friends or family, or on date night. My wife and I, and everyone we know are regularly plagued by this problem, and are desperate for a better way.”

Recent polling by Neilsen, Accenture, Deloitte, and other research organizations all confirm that the pain is widespread: nearly 60% of streamers are frustrated when searching for what to watch, with almost half of Americans report they feel simply overwhelmed by choices. With over 85% of American households streaming, as do billions of users globally, Pixi+ seeks to cure a significant amount of headaches.

“The last thing we want to do after working, parenting, or studying all day or week is to put in even more work figuring out how to relax,” says Bergen. “With Pixi+, we can finally say goodbye to painful search experiences, and easily find what to watch next, no matter where it’s streaming or who we’re watching with.”


About Pixi+

Pixi+ is the only app you’ll ever need to find what to watch next. By giving you personalized recommendations across all your streaming services in a single app, Pixi+ makes it easy and painless to find the next great movie or show. Best of all, Pixi+ can suggest something everyone will love when you’re watching with friends, family, or on date night. To learn more, visit

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